Advisors Rank Encore With Highest Customer Satisfaction

Matt Morris04-19-2023

Read the Survey: T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey!


The EncorEstate Plans team works incredibly hard to deliver a great advisor experience with our software and service.  We were thrilled to see that the advisors surveyed gave Encore the highest Customer Satisfaction score in the Estate Planning category!


We recognize we are a technology AND service to advisors and we do not shy away from the service component that makes the advisor the estate planning hero for their clients.


Our mission is to enable advisors to deliver the best estate planning experience available to their clients and seeing independent 3rd party validation of our efforts is exciting!


The other important takeaway from the survey is the growth of advisors using Estate Planning technology.  The category is up over 200% from just 2 years ago.  Advisors that are not adding estate planning capabilities are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to deliver additional services to their clients.  Especially a service that puts the advisor at the heart or the coming generational wealth transfer!


We want to say a big thank you to the advisors that responded to the survey!


Thanks also to Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres for doing this work every year that enables advisors to access 3rd party independent data that shares other advisors experience with advisor technology options.

Matt Morris

Matt Morris