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 Pricing not available to the general public – financial advisors only. EncorEstate Plans only provides estate planning through our advisor partners who assist in the process or refer clients to Encore.

Existing Estate Plan Summary


Upload your clients existing estate plan and receive a summary of all their previous decisions making up their current trust or will documents. Review with your client and let them confirm whether or not their current plan represents their current desires.



New Document Estate Plan Summary


As you build your client's new estate plan, get a visual summary as you go in order to ensure your client's desires are properly reflected. This visual summary is also included as a cover page on all client documents generated by Encore.

Trust-Based Estate Plan


What’s Included:

  • Certification of trust
  • General transfer
  • Property agreement for community property states
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney or Advance Health Care Directive
  • HIPAA release
  • Pour Over Will
Property Deeds Recorded


Encore will create and file the property deeds and spare your client from having to visit the recorders office to properly fund their Trust-Based Estate Plan.

*Our pricing includes the recording fees, and may vary in some locations with higher recording fees.

Will-Based Estate Plan


What’s Included:

  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney or Advance Health Care Directive
  • HIPAA release


Estate Plan Update


Annually review plans created by EncorEstate for your clients and easily update when clients decide to make changes in future years. Keep their estate plans current with their desires.

Additional Services

Contact Encore Support or see the Knowledge Base for specific pricing details.

Print, Bind, Ship Documents

Built in Nationwide Notary Services

Business Assignments

Powers Only Documents (Common for Adult Children)

State Specific Attorney Review (Available in Select States)

Package Discounts

Expedited Turnaround of Documents

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Pay As You Go

$0 /month$0 /year
  • Custom Software Branding
  • Human Quality Control Review
  • Live Estate Planner Support (Phone, Email, Chat)
  • Advisor or Client Driven Experience
  • Advisor or Client Pay Flexibility
  • On-Demand Knowledge Base & Advisor Training
  • Free Ongoing Access to Client Plans and Data
  • Client Educational Resources

Encore Pro

$99 /month$1,089 /year
  • Includes everything in Pay As You Go
  • Includes up to 2 user logins
  • Free Visual Summary for every new plan
  • Includes 5 Power Packages per month
  • Plan Digitization for Existing Plan Summaries
  • Free 3-Day Turnaround Service
  • Access to Unfunded Plan Deed Recording
  • View & Save every Visual Summary in App

Encore Team

$149 /month$1,419 /year
  • Includes everything in Pay As You Go & Pro
  • Includes 3-9 user logins
  • Multi-Team Branding
  • Data Access Controls

Encore Enterprise

Let's Chat!Let's Chat!
  • Includes everything in Flex, Pro & Team
  • Includes 10+ user logins
  • Custom Implementation
  • Custom Integration

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