Estate Planning:

What is in a Name? A lot!

Matt Morris11-05-2022

Often we get asked how Encore is different from online retail estate planning software options. Our initial answer sounds vague, but once understood makes a world of difference.


We are the only estate planning solution built exclusively to equip the financial advisor to be the hero for the client.


This plays out in dozens of substantial ways throughout our software and service model, but it also is in our name and logo. The name EncorEstate Plans reflects our belief that:

  • There is a massive need for advisors to deliver estate planning services as an ENCORE to the traditional financial plan.
  • Clients desire their trusted advisor’s assistance in getting their estate plan documents in place as their ENCORE to the next generation.

We incorporated these beliefs into our logo design and name to reflect that our estate planning software and service are built to be delivered ONLY through advisors.


Notice the shared E in our name between the words “encore” and “estate”. That shared ‘E’ represents the advisor that is the common bond between their clients’ financial encore and their estate plan.

If you look at our logo you will see that E but upon a closer view you will also see two blue check marks that represent both the financial plan and estate plan that our advisor partners help their clients complete.

We put a lot of thought into how to be a great technology and service partner to advisors and wanted to reflect that thoughtfulness in our branding.

Our team has had the highest advisor satisfaction ranking for the entire estate planning category in the Kitces Report. It is our commitment that this will continue to be true here at EncorEstate Plans!


We invite you to come and see! As a licensed advisor you can create an account for free at

We look forward to serving you!

Matt Morris

Matt Morris