Millions of Estate Plans are Disasters Waiting to Happen


The Effects of an Out-Of-Date Estate Plan

  • Tens of Thousands in Additional Expenses
  • Hundreds of Additional Hours of Work for the Family
  • Strained Family Relationships
  • Tarnished Legacy
  • Delayed Access to Funds
  • Damaged Businesses

The Solution is Simple

Upload Your Client's Existing Estate Plan

Pay $150

Receive the Plan Summary within 10 business days

Review with Client

New Plan VEPS Example
keep client plans current

Estate Plans are out-of-date When

  • Relationships Change
    • Family Issues and Disputes
  • Wealth Changes
    • Inheritance, Assets Change, Charitable Gifts,
      Distribution Adjustments, Business Change
  • Health Changes
    • For Clients or Family
      • Mental Capacity, Special Needs, Addiction
  • Other Changes or Issues
    • Moved States, Real Estate not in the Trust, Trust Structure Outdated, Beneficiary Designations Out of Date

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Joel T. Advisor in WA

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