33% of estate plans are out of date – keep your clients from becoming another statistic

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An outdated estate plan is a serious problem, and chances are many of your clients' wishes are not accurately represented in their plans. Uncover unknown problems and solve your clients' issues before they even know they have them.

be an estate planning hero

Upload client plans, we'll take care of the rest (in 5 days or less)

Professional estate planning in 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload a client's estate plan into our system
  2. Give us a week for our team of estate planning pros to look it over
  3. Receive a ready-made one-page summary of all your client's decisions

Keep Client Plans Current

Summaries make it easy to annually revisit plans. Any plans originally created in Encore can be updated any time for just $125.

keep client plans current

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“EncoreEstate has enabled increased value for our clients to help them prepare for their lives’ inflection points in an efficient and supportive manner.

Our team has been tremendously grateful for the partnership with Encore to help provide solutions for our valued clients!”

Joel T. Advisor in WA

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