We’re here to make estate planning easy and keep advisors at the center of it all.

EncorEstate Plans was built to do one thing, and do it better than anyone else: Leverage technology with human support to enhance the capabilities of the trusted financial advisor in solving your clients’ estate planning needs.

Estate planning problems carry massive implications for families, and we started EncorEstate Plans because advisors don’t just need great technology – they need a partner who only has their back, and won’t compete with them for client attention.

Our story is your story. We know the number one reason that advisors lose assets under management is when clients pass away. Estate Planning capabilities enable you to succeed with generational relationships.

When you succeed, we succeed. When you are the hero for your clients, we win.

Our Values



We’re nothing without the financial advisors we support. We’re here to serve you.


Servant Leadership

We put ourselves last to maximize the opportunities for those we serve.



Our advisors can trust us to build in their best interest and always make them look good in front of their clients.



As a purpose-built solution, we create value by enabling advisors to create more value in their clients’ lives.

About our CEO


Matt Morris

Matt’s career has been a series of entrepreneurial endeavors. A few years after the financial crisis, Matt pivoted into a role as a financial advisor and discovered a brand new fintech tool called Riskalyze. That discovery launched a transition into becoming the first sales hire at the startup technology firm and as Vice President of Sales, Matt built the process, strategy and sales organization from a start-up into a dominant industry leader. Ready for a new early-stage endeavor, Matt saw the desire advisors had to expand their holistic planning capabilities and the need for a high-quality estate planning partner. He joined Helios Integrated Planning and began building again a game-changing fintech solution for advisors. At the end of 2021, EncorEstate Plans was launched from Helios with its team intact where Matt took on the CEO role to lead the firm in its next phase of development and growth.

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