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New! State Specific Attorney Review πŸŽ‰

Matt Morris04-12-2023

Encore has been working with experienced estate planning attorneys nationwide to create the highest quality estate plan templates from the beginning of our service offering.Β Β 


We have also been telling advisors from the beginning that Encore is not a solution for clients that want a State Specific Attorney involved in finalization of their documents. Β  Well…it’s time to make an update to this message!


We are happy to announce a State Specific Attorney Review option that is now available for clients in the State of California and that we will be adding additional states in the near future.


We have partnered with Kate Swain Law to provide an attorney review of your clients completed documents before they are executed.Β  Kate Swain has over 15 years of estate planning experience in the State of California and her document review services, though offered independently of Encore, will be integrated into the Encore process.


Your clients will have the option of either a Letter of Review for $200 or a Letter and a 30 minute Zoom call for $500.Β  These two options are now available at checkout for CA plans.


Before presenting this option to your clients please visit the Advisor Resource page in our Knowledge Base and read all the supporting documentation for clarity on the process and to set proper expectations for your clients.


If you don’t have clients in California, but you have clients that would appreciate this additional review please let us know!Β  We are in the process of speaking with Estate Planning attorneys around the country to add more states.Β  Your feedback will help us prioritize the next states to find attorney partners.


We believe this option will increase the number of clients that will want to have their advisor facilitate their estate planning experience.


This is just one of many Encore enhancements that are on the way in 2023 and beyond that are going to fix the broken estate planning experience for tens of millions of Americans!

Matt Morris

Matt Morris